International Players

Camps/ Clinics

The South Florida Hockey Academy will offer opportunities for international players to attend our camps and clinics. If you would like to attend in one of our camps or clinics, please click here.

If you need assistance with your plans while in Florida, please contact our Academy Congierce Services at

“AAA” Hockey (full season program)

The Academy offers something unique for international players from around the world. Players are able to play for the Academy on the U16 “AAA” level starting in the fall of 2017.

All international players will study and live at Saint Andrew’s School while playing for the Academy at the highest possible “AAA” level.


Saint Andrew’s School


A combination of top boarding school and an “AAA” hockey has never been offered in the state of Florida before. We are extremely excited about this program and the fantastic opportunity we are able to offer our players!

Who can apply?

The U16 “AAA” team will start practice and play in August/September 2017. Players born 2001 and 2002 are able to play for the team.  We welcome all qualified players from around the world to be part of this opportunity. Our specific try out information will be announced later in the spring 2016.

Our partner, Universal Players, will help all of our international players with the application process to the school (Saint Andrew´s School) and the Academy.

If you are interested in playing for the South Florida Hockey Academy, and you come from other countries beside the US or Canada, please send an e-mail ( to the Academy (or call us at 954 603 9048) or send an e-mail directly to: or call to Universal Players office in Finland at +358 3 222 0606.

Universal Players has a history of 19 years in placing top level hockey players to Prep. schools across North America. Universal Players and South Florida Hockey Academy will make sure that each international applicant will get all the help needed for the process.

Where do our players live in (accommodation)?

All foreign players in the Academy will live on the campus of Saint Andrew’s School, in Boca Raton, Florida. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served at the school as well as all the classes during the day.

Our players will get a top level education while playing with us!

Please read more about Saint Andrew’s School here.


How do players get to practice?

A private shuttle ride from the school to the rink will take about 15 minutes and will take off from the school approximately 1 hour prior to the start of the ice practice. Bus will also take the players back to the school campus after practice.

How many games and practices?

The U16 “AAA” team will practice from Monday through Friday on ice and have three off ice practices per week. The team will play between 45- 50 “AAA” level games during the 2017- 2018 season. A detailed schedule will be announced later in 2016.

Fee for the program?

The Academy will announce fees and other details for international players during the spring of 2016.

If you are interested in applying to South Florida Hockey Academy “AAA” U16 program, please fill out the form here and we will get back to you.