Youth "AAA" Hockey

The Academy program will provide players with professional coaching, leading to individual development, and exposure at the top level!

General information

SFHA is an elite Hockey Academy where all teams play at the “AAA” level, competing against the best North American and European teams.
In September 2016, we launched our first AAA team, a Squirt team for players born 2006-2007.
2017-2018 Season, we will have three “AAA” full season teams playing under the Academy. Those will be;

SFHA U-16 (Players born 2001 and 2002)

In September 2018, the Academy will have a full AAA level organization in place for players of all ages, from Squirts through Midget/U18.

Our goal is to offer an alternative for talented young Florida hockey players to continue their growth and development at the highest levels, while living at home with their families.

Our Philosophy

Student Athletes selected for the full season Academy AAA program will have a unique opportunity to play at the highest level, while studying and living in beautiful Florida. The Academy program will provide players with professional coaching, leading to individual development, and EXPOSURE AT THE TOP LEVEL!

While hockey is important to us, education is critical as well. Through our partnership with Saint Andrew´s School in Boca Raton, Florida, we will provide local, out-of- state, and international players the opportunity to get a top level education while continuing to develop hockey skills. Local players may also choose to remain enrolled in their current high schools. This partnership will give our players the best of both academics and sports, and will provide them what they need to move on to the next level. Our players will face the top competition in the most scouted and prestigious AAA tournaments and showcases. We will provide each player maximum exposure in order to reach their goals as student athletes at the junior hockey and college levels. We strive to create an environment that will produce well-rounded young hockey players, both on and off the ice. Education, good behavior, respect and strong work ethic describe our Academy philosophy. With players coming to our Academy from all over the world, these character traits are critical for everyone to remember and demonstrate on the way to top.

Squirt “AAA”

Squirt AAA. September 2016, the full season Squirt program will launch for players born 2006-2008. Radek Dvořák will coach the 2016/17 Squirt team.

Radek Dvorak

Midget U16 “AAA”

Midget/U16 AAA. September 2017, the full season Midget/U16 program will launch for players born 2001-2002. Olli Jokinen and Tomáš Vokoun will coach the 2017/18 U16 team.

Olli Jokinen
Tomas Vokoun

Saint Andrew´s School

With our official partner school, Saint Andrew’s School at Boca Raton, FL, we are able to offer the U16/ Midget AAA program not only to local, out-of- state, and international players. With the combination of AAA level hockey and education from a nationally recognized private boarding school, the South Florida Hockey Academy provides a phenomenal and totally unique opportunity in the southern United States. Please contact Olli Jokinen and TomášVokoun ( for more information about the U16/Midget AAA team.

By the 2018/2019 season, the Academy will offer AAA level teams for age groups from Squirts through Midget/U18. All Academy players can compete at the highest level, while completing their secondary/high school education and living in Florida.

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