Pro Summer Camp

Pro Summer Camp

Our Pro Summer Camp program is designed for professional, NCAA, and top junior prospect players. With our experienced staff and on and off-ice coaching, this unique program offers the perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming season.


During the camp, we will practice Monday through Friday. On-ice training will include conditioning and personal skill development. Off-ice training will be individually designed for each player. Everyone attending will be tested physically prior to the start of camp. Players will also share their personal goals with the coaching staff in order to best build an individualized program for each player. Based on the players individual goals, each player will receive an individualized training and meal program during the camp.

Each player’s development needs are unique to them and what they want to accomplish. Individual development off-ice is one of the most important things for a hockey player, no matter the level. Our Academy off-ice staff offers cutting edge conditioning and strength training knowledge and instruction from Europe and the US.

I can´t think of a better place to get ready for the season than South Florida. We have a great rink for our full year teams as well as for our camps. The warm weather plays a big role in our off ice training and conditions are perfect for our programs. 

– Olli Jokinen, Coach SFHA, all time leading scorer Florida Panthers


“We think that details make the best service. We have thought about everything for you. We can arrange hotels, rental cars, rides from and to the Airport or anything else that any player can ask for. We want this package to be a complete one for our players at the camp so they can focus on training only”, says Oscar “Chunky” Munguia, the Head of Concierge Services at the Academy.

General Information

·      Located 30 minutes from Miami
·      Pro Summer Camp offers top hockey training combined with everything else needed to get ready for the season
·      On and off-ice training
·      Massage and physical therapy on location

To Whom is this Camp for?

This program is offered for players born 2002 and earlier. Please note that we can only take a limited number of players for this camp, and everyone needs to be accepted by the Academy coaching staff. Inquiries for the 2018 SFHA Pro Camp will be launched in later March / early April 2018. Stay tuned to our website & social media for more information.

We want to offer something new and inspiring for top prospects and pro players. We are confident that they will enjoy Florida while training and playing amongst and against other great players”

  • Tomáš Vokoun, SFHA Goalie Coach, a two time World Champion.


Camp Starts July 16th and ends August 31st, 2018 (total of 7 weeks).